Five things everyone should know about Manual Therapy

You may be asking yourself,  well what does this have to do with me? If you have had traditional physical therapy elsewhere,  I truly do hope that you had a positive outcome.

But if it was just ‘ok’ then maybe it was because the therapist put you on exercise machines, watched you do exercises or put a hot or cold pack on you while simultaneously treating other patients.

And never once put their hands on your ache and pain.

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Your therapist should be TOUCHING the part of your body that hurts! Not simply looking at it and prescribing exercises.

  1. Manual Therapy Techniques are skilled hand movements of joints and soft tissue that are intended to increase range of motion, induce relaxation, mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints, decrease pain and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction.
  2. Manual Therapy Techniques may include manual traction, massage, mobilization/manipulation, and passive range of motion.
  3. Manual Therapy should not leave a bruise or be painful after 24 hours of treatment.
  4. Manual Therapy is one on one treatment with just you and the therapist. It is not a group activity and certainly not to be done while the therapist is treating another patient.
  5. Manual Therapy can reduce or eliminate nerve pain in your arm or leg

So if this speaks to you and you have physical pain that needs to be effectively addressed by a physical therapist, then contact the Joy of Therapy today to experience quality manual therapy that works just for you!

Feeling Sluggish?

Want to know one of the simplest and quickest ways to solve feeling sluggish …
Soak in Epsom salts.

Yep, your grandmother was right all along! A good portion of the soil that our food is grown in is depleted of magnesium which is necessary for energy production. So all you need to do is pour 2 cups of Epsom salts in a tub and soak your body or even just your feet in a foot bath up to your ankles for 20 minutes. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin so that’s why bathing is better than a tablet (plus when you take it orally it can leave you with loose stools…) Or another alternative is Morton’s Epsom Salt Lotion which works fabulous too! Check out these symptoms: Early signs of magnesium deficiency include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness. As magnesium deficiency worsens, numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms can occur. Try it today to start feeling better:)

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