• Are you searching for ways to help yourself or your child who is newly diagnosed with scoliosis?

  • Have you been dealing with pain and want to find a conservative treatment? 

  • Are your time and money valuable to you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then the Joy of Therapy is for you!

As your physical therapist, I’ll truly listen to you, thoroughly evaluate your condition and offer you immediate ways to restore your body to it’s fullest potential. You can return to doing what you love each and every day without the limitations of pain or a diagnosis. With over 25 years of experience, I can see your ‘big picture’ and also successfully narrow down where your body needs realigning.

This practice caters to those who require the finest in physical therapy and expect personalized attention.

This private practice is a Medicare Part B provider and an out-of-network provider for all other health insurance plans. We encourage you to utilize your health savings account or HSA,  and  accept credit card, cash, check and online payments.

You can get hands-on and virtual care, with real solutions to  use in your life.

Patient receiving treatment on her neck
Perhaps you’ve had physical therapy in the past and did well, but either your visits expired or you just didn’t get quite to your maximum potential due to time or life constraints.

Or you’re recovering from surgery, you had great PT elsewhere that was covered by your insurance, and now your doctor and/or insurance company says that your treatment is complete. Yet you don’t feel complete. I can provide that missing link to help get your body to it’s fullest potential.

It’s not about giving you exercises and adjustments to make you feel better temporarily.

It’s about realigning and restoring your body to its fullest potential to make lasting changes.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) advocates an ANNUAL CHECKUP with a physical therapist to provide broad health screenings, assess health status and to identify potential health risks in the community.

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