“Joy offered instant relief to my hamstring! My leg had the feeling of an over-stretched rubber band. I could not get my legs to relax in order to stretch and loosen my hamstring. When Joy “opened up” the nerve, my leg instantly calmed down. I had a feeling of success. I now am able to stretch as I had in the past. I didn’t realize that I had to allow my leg to slowly progress, but it was so worth the wait.”


Testimonial 9

Joy was able to diagnose an injury that I’d been ignoring as more serious than I realized. The MRI confirmed her exact diagnosis. She also does more treatment of pain than recommendation of repetitive exercises which I really liked.

-Client F

Testimonial 8

Joy is absolutely wonderful. She has helped me and my family achieve results that are nothing short of amazing!

-Client G

Testimonial 7

Joy is a Miracle worker and just knows what’s needed to take the pain away. Appreciate how Joy is focused on my PT needs.

— Client E

Testimonial 6

I’ve been treating with Joy for over a year and a half and she has been the most effective physical therapist I have used, by a large margin. Her intuitiveness is unsurpassed and enables her to quickly target and identify the problem areas, and her experience allows her to dial in and resolve them, whether they are chronic or acute in nature. As a competitive triathlete, I put my body through a lot of physical stress but thanks to Joy’s treatment and expertise, I’ve been able to stay healthy and continue to compete in many physically-demanding endurance events. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking a physical therapist!

— M.L.


Testimonial 5

Joy has a way with her hands that unbelievable. You speak it, Joy touches it and like magic, it feels great. That is the God honest truth.

— Client C

Testimonial 4

I was very happy with the service and results.

— Client B

Testimonial 3

My lower back started hurting, and after only a few sessions with Joy, the pain is gone. I have returned to my exercises because Joy took the time to show me how to strenghten the area. Her knowledge of muscles, nerves, actually the whole human body is truly remarkable!

— Client A

Testimonial 2

Joy figures what was the issue with my back and helped me through the complete process of recovering. What I like about Joy is that she will inform you if she can help you or not.

— Client D


Testimonial 1