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Licensed Massage Therapist, Julie Campbell, invites you to “enter stressed and leave refreshed”.  “My joy is in helping people feel less stressed, more relaxed, more flexible, and more mentally prepared to tackle the day’s challenges.” I had the pleasure of working with her at HealthSouth as a PTA, and she’ll be a wonderful addition in your healing process. Contact her today.


Schroth-Barcelona Institute website is where you can access a directory of certified physical therapists trained in this method worldwide.


Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Groups


The National Scoliosis Foundation website is an excellent resource for news and information regarding the treatment of scoliosis.

SOSORT is the International Society on Spinal Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment.  It concerns itself with promoting conservative treatment methods (like the Schroth Method) for scoliosis.


Hopes Closet was founded in September 2012 by a mother whose daughter has scoliosis.  After a failed trip to the mall to find t-shirts that would fit under or over her new brace, Hope asked her mom why nobody made clothing that was brace friendly.  A few weeks later Hopes Closet was born.  The website is now selling Hope’s Embrace (a line of chic and appropriate tops to be worn under the brace).  They are also designing a collection of tops that can be worn over the brace too.  Hopes Closet is collaborating with a company to ensure that girls with scoliosis know there is finally a place they can shop for, and even help design, chic brace friendly clothing.


American Physical Therapy Association website is where you can find information about physical therapy and how it can help you. It also provides access to podcasts, articles, patient information and a physical therapist directory in the United States.

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