Telehealth Physical Therapy is available here for you and your family!

We are now offering virtual appointments, in addition to in-person.

This is ideal to maintain social distancing, if you live out-of-town and for home exercise set-up.

If this interests you, then click on the ‘Contact’ link above to choose your therapy time this week.

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Your body has the potential to do amazing things every day! But sometimes an injury, surgery, diagnosis,  or repetitive, painful daily tasks get in the way of living your life to its fullest potential. The Joy of Therapy can help you with muscle and joint pain, posture issues and scoliosis treatment for kids, teens and adults.

It’s not about giving you exercises and adjustments to make you feel better temporarily. It’s about realigning and restoring your body to its fullest potential to make long-term changes in your body.

You deserve to not be limited by pain or a diagnosis.

Imagine not having pain hold you back from doing your best at work, school, sports or simply enjoying being with friends and family. You can reach your goal of running a race, playing with your children or friends and getting through your day and night feeling ‘lighter’ and stronger.

THAT is what makes the Joy of Therapy  different from standard care physical therapy.

Joy Smith, PT is the first and most experienced physical therapist in the Florida Panhandle to treat scoliosis with the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy method with the C2 Certification.

“Joy offered instant relief to my hamstring! My leg had the feeling of an over-stretched rubber band. I could not get my legs to relax in order to stretch and loosen my hamstring. When Joy “opened up” the nerve, my leg instantly calmed down. I had a feeling of success. I now am able to stretch as I had in the past. I didn’t realize that I had to allow my leg to slowly progress, but it was so worth the wait.”


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Joy was able to diagnose an injury that I’d been ignoring as more serious than I realized. The MRI confirmed her exact diagnosis. She also does more treatment of pain than recommendation of repetitive exercises which I really liked.

-Client F

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