Here’s my simple DIY health guide for kids ages 10-17 years old

Do you have a child between the ages of 10-17 or are you a teenager yourself and aching to grow taller?

If so, then Congratulations as they/you are about to, or are already going through the adolescent growth spurt. This time in their life is a roller coaster of changes both emotional and physical.

One of the changes teens are the most excited about is growing taller!

Here are some tips to help you or your child/teen get the most out of this growth spurt :

  1. Height checks: Its time to get out your pencil and find a place in their/your room to measure  height. By measuring every 3-4 months, you can easily monitor growth and be aware of any significant changes.
    *Monthly height checks are ESSENTIAL if  your child/teen has been diagnosed with scoliosis or if you are concerned, as scoliosis is somewhere in your family tree*These monthly height checks during adolescence are KEY to keeping a check on the progression of their scoliotic curve.If you are finding a ‘jump’ in height from one month to the next, and your child/teen has scoliosis, or you are suspecting it: that is a sign that their scoliotic curve is changing. It may be decreasing but it also could be increasing. Please follow up with your pediatrician when you see this change. You may also contact our clinic for a complimentary consultation either in-person or Telehealth.
  2. Daily exercise: 20 -30 minutes is ideal and can be as easy as going for a swim in the pool or a family walk.
  3. Hydration in the form of water.
  4. Daily multi vitamin and/or a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. ” 2 critical nutrients for bones: calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium is a crucial guiding block of bone tissue.  Vitamin D helps the body absorb and process calcium. Together these two nutrients are the cornerstone of healthy bones.”- How to Keep Your Bones Strong as They Age.
  5. Lots of sleep– 9-11 hours per night for kids ages 6-13 and 8-10 hours per night for teens ages 14-17. Sleep is ESSENTIAL  for growth and repair.

Child being measured in height


centimeters length measure measurement
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Also if you or your child/teen is a current patient, but have not been into the clinic for more than 6 months due to the pandemic, here are some tips for you:

  • Check your child/teen’s height.: It is during these quick increases in height, that the scoliotic curve can make big changes. If there is a marked change , then you need to come in to the clinic or schedule a Telehealth session for some new exercises. Schedule your session today.
  • Get exclusive access to online scoliosis exercise videos: I now have created a library of video exercises  for only my patients. If you are a current scoliosis patient and would like access to exercises tailored to you, please click on the link below :

Click here for your customized scoliosis exercise videos

Chart Describing Kids Growth Spurts