What’s the best way to keep the gains you made in physical therapy this year?

Here are 3 options for you right now:

  1. Do nothing and keep your fingers crossed that your curve doesn’t progress or your pain comes creeping back.
  2. Keep up with your current exercises that were given to you the last time you came in for an in-person session and do them consistently.
  3. Schedule your Telehealth session and get your spine straight and strong and prevent your symptoms from coming back or worsening.

Patient stretching on exercise ball

Just out of curiosity, are you keeping up with your home exercises during this quarantine?

Are you wondering if you are doing your exercises correctly or are you even doing them at all? (gasp!)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic things have changed drastically for all of our usual routines, work and school. You can’t go to your gym or to therapy like you were used to. But you do need to keep the progress that you made this past year in physical therapy. Don’t lose what you have already gained- you worked too hard this past year to let it go to waste! 

Just imagine how good you will feel after all of the COVID-19 pandemic passes and not only is your spine straighter, but you feel stronger and more confident rather than feeling like you lost all that you had gained!

Book your virtual appointment here

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This has been a great teaching tool for the clients that have already taken advantage of this convenient option! I have been able to see what they have at home to add to or enhance their stretches that they had not considered.

Patient stretching out on floor mat with pet cat

Plus, I may even get to see a cameo appearance by one of your furry pets! It is a great way to stay connected and stay up-to-date with your therapy.

Your Telehealth appointment is now being offered at an affordable price that is less than in-person at the clinic.

30 minutes = $55

45 minutes = $75

1 hour= $100

How open minded are you with this as an alternative? Give it a try!

I am also creating a 45 minute online scoliosis group exercise class for females. Fill out this survey if this interests you and be the first to experience a brand-new exercise format!

Scoliosis Exercise Group interest survey

If you decide to give Telehealth a try, then you can keep the results you gained and keep feeling great!