High Hopes Realized for Female Entrepreneur!

Joy Smith standing next to her logo in her clinic

‘High Hopes’ Realized

I love Panic! At the Disco’s song, ‘High Hopes’, as I have dubbed it my ‘theme song’ these past several months while I plugged along creating my physical therapy clinic:

“I had to have high high hopes for a living. Didn’t know how but I always had a feeling.”  (Check out their video if you want to get that song in your head all.day.long. )  Panic! At the Disco- High Hopes

Many years of building a community of clients and contemplating just how to do this thing called a business, finally culminated into a fabulous celebration last night. The  open house to my brand new PT clinic, Joy of Therapy, was a smashing success!

 I truly enjoyed every minute of it and am so very grateful for the many clients, friends and family that took time out of their day to come and support my “dream come true!” (We were all having such a good time, that we forgot to take pics of everyone that came to the open house. Oops! But check out the good ones below.)

The food was DELICIOUS (thank you to Brandy L.,  Sarah H. , Tasty Pastry, Publix and Josey V. ) , the decor GORGEOUS ( thank you to the talented, Karyn Tarmey), set- up and serve went SMOOTHLY (thank you to my mom and dad, Brandy and Kylie L.) and hey, I looked pretty good too! (thanks to my stylists, Jillian Visconti (hair stylist) and Marianne Brooks with Cabi). It takes a village to pull this off, and my heart is filled with gratitude for all of you.

The clinic is truly reflective of ‘me’ and how I believe that physical therapy should and needs to be delivered: efficient, thoughtful, caring, valuable to you, your time and your money and most of all, joyful.

So if you haven’t already come in for your evaluation, then what are you waiting for ?! I am here and ready to serve your PT needs whenever they may arise for you. Here I come Tallahassee!