Testimonial 12

“I very highly recommend Joy to anyone who thinks he or she may need some type of physical therapy treatment and/or is interested in having an overall PT assessment done.

Because of Joy Smith’s excellent physical therapy skills, vast PT knowledge and years of PT experience she was able to both identify the sources of the pain I was experiencing and also provide very successful physical therapy treatments that eliminated my pain.

Though Joy’s main specialty is the treatment of scoliosis, she was definitely able to help me a great deal regarding all of the fall-related injuries I had sustained to my hands, elbows and shoulders. Prior to my initial appointment with Joy Smith at Joy of Therapy I had been examined by several doctors to whom I had been referred to regarding a palpable physical issue I had sustained as a result of a pretty hard fall. They ran a number of diagnostic tests and said that even though they were physically able to detect the palpable issue, they were unable to identify the source of this issue. Thus, they were unable to treat this issue.

I then scheduled an appointment with Joy Smith at Joy of Therapy and I am extremely glad I did. Joy was the only medical person who examined me who was able to successfully identify the injury that was causing the palatable physical issue. In addition, Joy was also able to identify the injuries that were
causing my other fall-related injury pains which I had been experiencing during the two months just prior to my initial appointment with Joy.

P.S. Joy I really appreciate and am so very grateful for how quickly you were able to thoroughly identify and successfully treat the sources of the pain I had been experiencing just prior to my initial appointment with you and also for the physical therapy treatments you are currently providing to me. I feel sure Joy that your patients very much appreciate all of the help, advice, compassion, kindness and
the enjoyment you always provide to each of your patients!”- J.S.