Scoliosis Exercise Classes

Get moving & maintain your strength in our Scoliosis Exercise Classes!

scoliosis patient doing clinic exercises

Calling kids, teens and young adults with scoliosis who are looking for an advanced, fast-paced and fun environment to help maintain their progress!


Classes are offered by Heather Ward, PTA, Thursday afternoons for 30 minutes of exercise customized to your scoliotic curve at the following times: 3:30, 4:15 and 5:00 pm

These classes are EXCLUSIVELY for clients who have completed at least 4 individual physical therapy sessions and have minimal to no pain.

You’ll be guided by a trained physical therapist or physical therapist assistant through your posture cues with emphasis on scoliosis breathing, assessment of your scoliosis rotation and a dynamic exercise routine, including a light cardio section.

The First class is discounted to $40 to see if this is a good fit for you!

Schedule your appointments through the login to your personal portal on HENO : Login to your Personal Patient Portal 


Book your Scoliosis Exercise Class Here

Advance payment is required :Single Class $50

 4 Class Scoliosis Ex Package $180

All bookings require a 4-hour cancellation notice. Please login to your personal portal on our website or you can text 850-801-5581 to make changes to your reservation so as to avoid the $15 cancellation fee