Kneecap Pain or “Runner’s Knee” Tips

*Plus a Free Download and Video on How to Tape for Knee Pain*

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Do your knees hurt when you run, walk up or down steps, or sit too long in one position? Are you looking for ways to help yourself get rid of this pain conservatively?

Then here’s your free download and a video about how to tape your knee that will help get your knees back!

Always consult your physical therapist if there is no change in pain or your symptoms are worsening ,as you probably need hands-on care or a referral to your physician.


Now get out there and move!

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(Also if you are curious as to why one of the risk factors is ” quadriceps weakness for individuals in the military”, that is because there is a large quantity of research in military settings due to direct access for physical therapists. This risk is also true for everyone else who has quadricep or thigh weakness).