Coming soon! Free Scoliosis Screening Clinic

x- ray of a spine with scoliosis Have you or your child been told you may have scoliosis? Have you been to a surgeon or specialist and told to ‘wait and see’ how your curve progresses in a year or so? Well there are real solutions to help you right now!

Come on out to our FREE scoliosis screening clinic next month to see how we can help your back improve and get you feeling stronger and straighter.

There are specific scoliosis exercises that truly can help to either improve, halt or reverse the progression of the curve in your spine.

Joy Smith, PT is the ONLY scoliosis specialist in the Florida Panhandle who is a Schroth-Barcelona C1 certified physical therapist.

Next scoliosis screening clinic is slated for February so stay tuned for date and time!

girl standing with Schroth poles